Custom Jewelry Stamps

Specializing in Custom Steel Jewelry Stamps, Jewelry Logo Stamps, Jewelry Design Stamps, Metal Letter Sets, Hallmark Stamps (14K, .999, etc), and Jewelry Stamping Presses.


LOGO STAMPS: First of all, send your art in an EPS, PDF or Hi-Res jpg or png file and include your required size. So with art in hand, we will work with you to assure it is optimized for your stamp. Also if you need a simple logo with lettering and possibly a border. let us create it for you. Don't know what you want? No problem. Give us a call to do some brain storming.

BLOCK FONT LETTER STAMPS: Our most economical option, Block Letter Stamps can be one or two lines. Give your desired character height or full image width and we will work with you to finalize details.

INSIDE RING STAMPS: Also known as "bent" or "gooseneck stamps", these are designed for stamping on the inside of rings. Images may be up to 4.7mm on our 1/4" tool or 6.3mm on our 5/16" tool.

PLIERS INSERTS: Designed to work with most pliers on the market, our inserts will accommodate images up to 4.7mm. Need Pliers? See our "STAMPING PRESS/JIGS" section.


PHONE: 208-345-2550

To optimize the sales process, please include the following with your email:

    • Name/Address/Phone #
    • What type of material will you be stamping (Steel, Stainless, Leather, Wood, other?).
    • Desired Size: If you are not certain, approximate is fine.
    • Art (if any) - EPS, PDF, SVG, and Hi-Res PNG or JPG