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Let us take the mystery out of it for you. In a simple phone call we will walk you through each step of the process, offering helpful guidelines to consider in matching your art design to, both, the stamp size you require, and the type of metal you will be stamping. We can also give a quick price estimate and let you know the expected lead time.


Hand-Stamped Jewelry Artists are almost certain to find what they are looking for. We offer a selection of over 1,500 stamps, produced by skilled craftsmen in our Boise Idaho shop. On the chance we don't have it, give us call to discuss and perhaps we will be able to add it to our offering.



Over 40 products to choose from with price points that will allow you to purchase a wide range of fonts and sizes. Though marketed primarily to our hand-stamped jewelers, these stamps are also suitable for marking annealed steels.