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Stamping Block / Ram Accessory Combo

Stamping Block / Ram Accessory Combo

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  • MODIFIED RAM - Good Choice if you already own a 1Ton or 1/2 Ton Arbor Press. Change out the Ram you already have with this Modified Ram to manage your Steel Stamping. The 1 Ton Ram accepts stamps up to 5/8" square or round.  The 1/2 Ton Ram accepts Stamps up to 1/2" square or round.  You could also use a rectangular stamp so long as one side does not exceed 5/8" for the 1 ton or 1/2" for the 1/2 Ton.  For example, you could use a stamp that is 5/8" X 3/4", or 3/4" x 3/8", etc. on the 1 Ton.  Apply the same thought process to the 1/2 Ton.
  • The 1/2 ton is a viable option for Jewelry Makers but more heavy duty applications like Knife Makers, Locksmiths, etc should select the 1 Ton.
  • Knife Makers, Locksmiths, and Hand Stamped Jewelry Artists alike will realize improved stamping consistency while keeping their hands clear of the striking zone.
  • You Must already have a 1-Ton Press or purchase your own 1-Ton Press to be able to use this Modified Ram.  Harbor Freight offers a 1 ton press that works perfectly with our modified ram. 
  • The 1 ton and 1/2 ton modified rams will work with most 1 ton and 1/2 ton presses on the market. In fact, we don't recall anyone ever having a fit issue.  The 1 ton ram is slightly under 1" square and the 1/2 ton ram is slightly under 3/4" square.  Though sometimes the manufacture will say 1" or 3/4" square, in reality it is almost always undersized. 
  • JEWELRY STAMPING BLOCK - Dimensions are approximately 4" X 4" X 3/8" giving you plenty of space to lay out your blanks. Made of Precision Ground, High Carbon Tool Steel and "HARDENED" to Rockwell 60 via a special heat treat process that takes the steel in excess of 2,000 degrees before oil quenching and tempering. Just try putting a dent in this bad boy! Ain't happening! Buy it once and be done with it!!!
  • This stamping block is also a nice compliment to our Jewelry stamping press for those who do not like the standard round/slotted anvil that comes with it. Just lift the round anvil off the press and lay this in it's place. You can scroll through the pictures to see an example of this.
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