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Custom Logo Stamps

Branding is key to a successful jewelry line, but for those with no experience stamping, it can be difficult to understand how to design for a successful steel stamp. Here are some guidelines to help.

The typical logo size for jewelry ranges from 3mm to 8mm, but you can go smaller or larger. When designing your logo, it's critical that you design for the size you want it to be on your jewelry. We often get beautiful, amazing logos that have zero chance of being converted to a stamp at the desired size because of excessive detail. You or your artist should evaluate a printed version of your logo at the size you want it. If it is closing up when printed on paper, be assured it won't get better on the stamp. A rule of thumb for the designer is to allow a minimum of 0.3mm between lines when the logo is at size. Lettering is also key. For a simple block font, lettering should be a minimum of 1mm to 1.5mm tall when the entire logo is at the desired size. Stylized fonts typically need to be to 3mm or more, depending on complexity. The smaller and more detailed your logo, the more critical it becomes for us to receive a quality art file. Please review art guidelines in the section below for details.



Custom Letter Stamps

Sometimes you just want to "keep it simple." We are happy to design simple lay-ups for you using established fonts. Maybe you want just your name on one or two lines, or just initials. Perhaps you want it in an oval or circle? Let us know the size required and we'll work with you to assure a design that makes a quality stamping. If you have a specific stamping blank you'll be using (oval, circle, rectangle, other), give us the dimensions and we can design specifically for that tag.




Inside Ring Stamps

We can put your image on a 1/4" or 5/16" square, bent tool (aka gooseneck tool) for stamping inside rings. Stamping inside rings can be more challenging than stamping on flat surfaces. Keeping your image simple, less bold, and smaller will make for an easier stamp to use. Maximum image size for the 1/4" tool is about 4.3mm and, for the 5/16" tool, 6.3mm. Again, smaller is better when stamping inside rings, but please see art guidelines below under "Custom Logo Stamp," as they apply equally to "gooseneck" tools.



Pliers Insert Stamps

For those who are using, or plan to use, stamping pliers to mark their jewelry , we make "Pliers Inserts" (aka stamps for the pliers). Our inserts are 1/4" diameter with a post at the opposite end of 0.15" (3.9mm) that fits into the pliers to secure it. The maximum image size for our Pliers Inserts is 4.0mm to 4.5mm, depending on the specific geometry of your design. We can design your Pliers Insert for stamping on flat surfaces or for stamping inside rings. Do you need the pliers as well? We offer quality, German-made stamping pliers. Click on the link below to see our pliers.



Karat Stamps / Hallmark Stamps (14K, .925, etc.)

We offer 1mm letter height on all custom quality Karat stamps. The price for straight tools is $40, and for bent (gooseneck) tools, it's $60. Other sizes can be quoted upon request. Call or email to order.

We also stock a full range of Karat stamps on our "round stock" tools. While not as sharp and crisp as our "custom quality" stamps, these are quite serviceable and very affordable, and have been serving the industry well for over 30 years.

Custom Steel Logo Stamps for Jewelry


Our custom steel stamps are designed from high carbon tool steel and hardened to assure they will give a long life when stamping any annealed (non-hardened) metal. Most are designed to be used with a hammer, but we can also design for a press upon request. We can lay up simple designs for you using letters and borders (ovals, circles, anvils, etc.) at no charge, or we can use your logo art. Need graphic art services? We can quote your design based on a concept sketch or photograph.

ART FORMAT: Email your art to us in "black and white only" (no gray shading). Vector art in EPS, PDF, or SVG format is preferred, but we can often use high resolution .jpg and .png files. If it is not vector art, please send a large, over-sized version. If the art appears highly pixelated when enlarged, it may not be usable. If possible, print your art at the size you want it. That may be a very good indicator of how it will do on a stamp. For example, if the lines or sections of the image close up at size, it's not likely to get better on the stamp.

SALES PROCESS: Email or phone us with your questions or to let us know what you want. We will work closely with you to prepare a proposal that meets your needs. Once all details are agreed upon verbally, we'll put them in the form of a work-order for you to review. Following that, the order is finalized with your payment. You can pay via credit card, PayPal, check, or money order.

LEAD TIME: Typical lead-time "to ship" is 2 weeks, but this can vary. We'll state a firm lead time on the work order. Rush service is available upon request (3 business days).

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