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“I absolutely love my stamp! Great seller to work with! I can’t wait to start using it!” Purchased a custom jewelry stamp


“I recently purchased a stamp and some jewelry tags from you. I was a little intimidated by the process due to the fact I have never stamped anything before, but you walked me through the process. Now I mark not only my tags but also my own products with the stamps you made for me. You made it a pleasant experience and went above and beyond which is truly rare these days. Thanks, L.H." Purchased a custom jewelry stamp


“Awesome! I got the stamp for Golden Gun Club yesterday, nice work, thank you…” Purchased a custom leather stamp


“I have been making leather products since I was a child. I have never marked my work nor have I ever purchased a stamp. Purchasing a stamp from Steel Stamps Inc. was not only easy, but it has taken my work to the next level. Thank you, Jesse" Purchased a custom leather stamp


“I recently purchased a steel stamp from you and the quality and customer service were excellent.” Purchased a custom steel stamp

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