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Leather Stamp Types



These are in the Tradition of classic leather workers of years past and consist of a border (circle, oval, rectangle, rope, etc). Most common is to put "name" on top, "maker" in the middle, and "location" on the bottom but we can, and often do, any variation off that. We create proofs, at no charge, for you to review and approve. Have a "brand" that you want to insert in place of "maker". No problem. Email it to us and we will take care of it.




Want to use your own, unique, logo rather than a traditional Makers Mark? No problem. Send your art and tell us what size you want it. We will work closely with you to assure that your art will make a quality stamping at the size you want it. Size is a key point. Your logo may look great at 2.0" and have no chance at 1.0". We will guide you in this and offer up suggestions when problems arise. However, as a starting point, we encourage you to print your logo on paper, at the size you want it, to see how it looks. If lines are merging or areas are closing up, it won't get better on the stamp. Vector art is preferred (EPS, PDF, or SVG) but we can often work from high resolution jpg and png files.

Need Graphic art services for your logo? We can quote your art work based on a picture or concept sketch. A typical price to create your logo is $45 but that will vary based on complexity.




Need to keep it simple, more affordable, and still have a great image that will never fade away? This is where simple letter stamps come in. No border, just simple block font on one or 2 lines. Tell us what you want and define your space limitations (usually width or height), on the area you are stamping, and we will optimize letter size for you. You can be assured that anything we propose will make a clean, crisp, easy to read image.




We can make a long-lasting stamp that will make a permanent image on your bits, spurs, or on any other non-hardened metals. We can use your simple logo, or create your letter stamp for you (name, initials, etc). Just let us know what you need and we will work with you to optimize stamp size to the space limitations you are working with.




Often called "tap-offs" or "cheaters" , these stamps are a great way to improve speed and efficiency when laying out your over-all design. Tap in the image (flower or leaf) and then let your art and carving skills take over as you bring it to life in your own unique style and interpretation.

We have a wide range of traditional Sheridan designs to choose from in our shopping cart, all coming in various size options. We are also happy to create a custom stamp for you from your personal design. Call us for details on custom designs or...



Download and print the PDF document to see actual sizes. Don’t have access to a printer? On your mobile phone, Lay a ruler across your screen and zoom in / out as needed to get the image to the size called out on the document. For example, if you are looking at the 1” tool, you would adjust the image to 15/16” wide. Our tools run in ¼” increments. This document covers up to our 2” tool size. That range fits the needs of most but we do go up to 3.0” for one-piece mallet stamps. These larger sizes can be popular for “ball cap patches”, “cup coasters”, etc.

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Leather Stamping Tools

Our Custom Leather Stamps are "lifetime tools" designed with the professional in mind. They are solid, one-piece tools, with substantial weight, and fashioned to optimize grip and comfort. Made from hardened, high carbon, tool steel, they are cut deep and crisp to create an image that will never fade away. Likewise, our stamps will never dull or deform regardless of how much use they get. We call them "life time tools" only because we can't think of a more clever term to communicate that they will outlive you, your children, grandchildren, etc. We guarantee it!

Lifetime quality is a great reason to buy a stamp from Steel Stamps Inc., but even more important is "performance". If you have ever worked with the "entry-level" stamps made of plastic, aluminum, and brass, or those consisting of 2 pieces with a screw on handle, you know how frustrating it can be to get to the branding phase of your work and get a sub-optimal image. Double images resulting from bounce in the stamping process is the single biggest reason we replace so many of them. You can spend less money on the entry-level tools. We understand that. However, to adapt a quote from legendary basketball coach John wooden, "If you can't afford to do it right the first time, can you afford to do it again?" CONTACT US

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