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Steel Stamps Inc., a small family business formerly known as Harper Manufacturing, has over 30 years of experience in custom-designed steel stamps for jewelers, leather crafters, locksmiths, knife makers, blacksmiths, farriers, clay artists, wood crafters, and a host of industrial applications. We ship worldwide from our manufacturing site located in beautiful Boise, Idaho.

Our longevity is based on a combination of performance and personalized customer service. Quality is hand-crafted into every custom stamp we produce. It starts by working closely with you via phone and/or email to assure your design is optimized for the best possible results on the finished stamp. We purchase only the highest quality 01 Tool Steel and pay great attention to assure the hardening process results in a stamp that will not fracture, chip, or wear prematurely. Finally, a skilled craftsperson manages the fabrication process from beginning to end, taking personal pride in each and every one of their “creations,” to ensure a finished product that meets your demanding expectations.

This same attention to detail applies to our hand-crafted jewelry design stamps for hand-stamped jewelry artists and our leather tooling stamps for discriminating leather crafters. Review our online store for our extensive collections of stamps and other stamping supplies and accessories.

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Owners Tim & Sherri Purdy


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