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Custom Locksmith Stamps & Industrial Marking Information


Locksmith Stamps

Most of our custom locksmith stamps come on 3/4" X 3/8" tools and consist of 1 line or 2 lines centered on each other . Maximum image width on that tool is 11/16". We typically target 3/32" letter height, but once a line contains more than 14 characters (& spaces) we start backing off letter height to make it fit. It is best if you can limit total characters on a given line to 16 or 17 maximum so we can assure a good letter height on the finished stamp. If you must have more characters we will simply go to a larger tool. Your stamp comes standard with a hole in it for use with our locksmith stamping jig (accessory). Call or email us with your requirements.



Welder Stamps / Letter Stamps

Your stamp can be used on any annealed steel or softer metals. Stamps are not designed to work on "hardened" metals. If you are cold-stamping on annealed steel with a hammer, you should try to limit image size to fit on a 3/4" tool and even smaller if your image is bold (i.e. moving a lot of metal). Softer metals like aluminum or brass allow for greater size flexibility when cold-stamping. If your stamp consists of numbers and/or letters only, and a block font is sufficient, just tell us what you want and give us maximum width (left to right), and we will lay it up for you. If you have a specific logo, send us your art per the guidelines at the top of the page, and let us know desired size.



Custom Logo Stamp

Send us your art per the guidelines in the section below and tell us what size you want it. We find it easier if you simply list the most important dimension (width, height, etc). We will keep everything proportional when sizing it.

If you plan to cold stamp with a hammer on annealed steels we suggest keeping your image size limited to what will fit on a 1/2" to 5/8" tool. Ultimately, "ease of use" is determined by the hardness of the metal being stamped and the amount of metal being displaced. A sharp face image, like the one pictured here, or as with letter stamps, will be much easier to use than a bold image. If you are stamping softer metals you will have much more flexibility with size. Of course, all of our stamps can be used in a press or stamped into red hot metal which, again, allows for much greater flexibility with respect to size of the image.


Interchangeeable Steel Type Kits

A great option for stamping numbers and letters into annealed steel, or any softer metals, when you have needs that are constantly changing. Available in 1/8" and 3/32" letter sets. Stamp a maximum of 9 characters with the 1/8" size or 13 characters with the 3/32"size. Your kit comes with multiples of each character for when your needs call for it. You can count on sharp, crisp characters that give long life.



Stamping Plastic

Our steel stamps work great on many plastics. You can strike the image into the plastic with a hammer, use a press, or heat the stamp and press it into the plastic. The featured picture shows stamps at just under 2 inches and 1 inch in width. The material stamped is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) such as that used on many cutting boards in the home. The bottom most image is the same as that on the top. We just went a little deeper with it. We used gilders paste to darken the image (rub it in and wipe if off).


Stamps for a Press

For big jobs we can make stamps designed for 25-50 ton press capability. Our maximum image size is limited to whatever can fit into a 3.0" circle. In our world, that is a very large stamp. Total tonnage required will depend on final size and boldness of your image. We will not be able to define that for you but feedback from the field indicates that 50 ton may be required for our largest sizes when stamped into annealed steel. If possible, plan on line art or "outlining" your image for ease of stamping. Ultimately, required tonnage to make an impression will depend on total amount of metal being displaced. Bold images displace much more metal than those in outline form.

We can put the image on a flat block that you simply come down on top of with your press ram or we can design the tool with a post (or other configuration) that will fit into your press or stamp holder. Base pricing is determined by size. Special tool requirements quoted separately.


Steel Stamps for Locksmiths and Industrial Applications

Our custom steel stamps are designed from high carbon tool steel and hardened to assure they will give long life when stamping any annealed (non-hardened) metal. Most are designed to be used with a hammer but we can also design for a press upon request. We can lay up simple designs for you using letters and borders (ovals, circles, anvils, etc) at no charge or we can use your logo art. Need graphic art services? We can quote your design based on a concept sketch or photograph.

ART FORMAT: Email your art to us in "black and white only" (no gray shading). Vector art in EPS, PDF, or SVG format is preferred but we can often use high resolution jpg, and png files. If it is not Vector art, please send a large, over-sized version. If the art appears highly pixilated when enlarged, it may not be useable. If possible, print your art at the size you want it. That may be a very good indicator of how it will do on a stamp. For example, if the lines or sections of the image close up at size, it is not likely to get better on the stamp.

SALES PROCESS: Email or phone us with your questions, or to let us know what you want. We will work closely with you to prepare a proposal that meets your needs. Once all details are agreed to verbally, we will put that in the form of a work-order for you to review. Following that, the order is finalized with your payment. You can pay via Credit Card, PayPal, check, or money order.

LEAD TIME: Typical lead-time "to ship" is 2 weeks, but this can vary. We will state a firm lead time on the work-order. Rush Service is available upon request (3 biz day).

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