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Prancing Horse

Prancing Horse

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Pro Series - Metal Design Stamp on a Square Shank.
  • You Have Options! In our world, one size “does not” fit all! That’s why we offer a range of sizes to choose from. Most of our designs come in 3 sizes and some more. If our standard sizes don’t work, Consider the custom option as described below
  • NEED A CUSTOM SIZE? Email us with your desired size (maximum is 17.5mm X 17.5mm). If your size is possible, we will send an email confirming width and height and advise the tool size that we will use. When requesting size, give us only width, or only height (the most critical of the 2), and we will keep the image proportionally true when sizing it to that dimension. You then purchase using the “Custom Option” for that product, and email us your order #, and the size, that was confirmed to you. We will ship in 1-3 days from confirming your custom size.
  • NOTE: Sizes listed in options are in the format of “Image Width X Image Height”.
  • Made in the USA at our shop in Boise, Idaho, our Pro Series stamps are "produced to order" and ship in 1-3 business days.
  • Produced from high carbon tool steel for long life, our Pro Series stamps are rated for stamping stainless or any other non-hardened metal.
  • Engraved deep, with excess material around the design beveled off to assure it does not interfere with your stamping process.
  • Sharp cutting blades assure ease of stamping as well as clean, crisp, images.
  • Pro Series stamps work well with our Stamping Press and Stamping Jig.
  • Stamps come with a light coating of oil to prevent rust. Should your stamp ever develop rust, clean with a wire brush and vegetable oil. You cannot damage your stamp with a wire brush.

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