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Jewelry Stamping Jig

Jewelry Stamping Jig

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Jewelry Stamping Jig
Jewelry Stamping Jig
  • This is a great tool to help with alignment of your image on the blank and help assure an even impression.
  • This jig is small, will fit in the palm of your hand, and weigh only about 1 lb.
  • The jig can be bolted to your work-bench (optional) and takes up very little bench space.
  • The jig will accept round or square stamps up to 15,875mm (5/8").
  • Minimum stamp length is 2-3/8". There is no maximum stamp length.
  • Work great for stamping on softer metals like Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Silver, Pewter, etc.If you are stamping stainless, we suggest the Jewelry Stamping Press, over this jig.

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