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Stamping Block - Hardened

Stamping Block - Hardened

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Jewelry Stamping Block. Dimensions are approximately 4" X 4" X 3/8" giving you plenty of space to lay out your blanks. Made of Precision Ground, High Carbon Tool Steel and "HARDENED" to Rockwell 60 via a special heat treat process that takes the steel in excess of 2,000 degrees before oil quenching and tempering. Just try putting a dent in this bad boy! Ain't happening! Buy it once and be done with it!!!

This stamping block is also a nice compliment to our Jewelry stamping press for those who do not like the standard round/slotted anvil that comes with it. Just lift the round anvil off the press and lay this in it's place. You can scroll through the pictures to see an example of this.

Note - This stamping block will rust if left for extended periods of time without protection. Give a light coating vegetable oil or any light-weight mineral oil between uses. If it does rust simply use steel wool to rub it off. You can also use that in conjunction with WD-40 if you find you need a little extra umph!
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