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Steel Stamps Inc.

Sun in Star (4.5mm)

Sun in Star (4.5mm)

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Metal Design Stamp on 1/4" Round tool.
  • Designs on our 1/4" round tools range from 4.2mm to 4.9mm unless otherwise stated in the options.
  • Designs on our 3/8" Round tools range from 7.2 to 8.0mm unless otherwise stated in the options.
  • Made in the USA at our shop in Boise, Idaho.
  • The standard for over 30 years, these are the stamps that launched the Design Stamp Industry.
  • Made from high carbon tool steel and heat treated for long life.
  • Our small designs, on 1/4" tools, allow for multiple stampings on a given stamping blank allowing for more creativity.
  • Stamps come with a light coating of oil to prevent rusting.
  • Should your stamp develop rust, clean with a wire brush and vegetable oil. No risk of stamp damage.

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